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Dean Martineau <topdot@...>

As I prepare my next book, to be titled something like the Complete guide to Browsing the Web with JAWS, I continue looking for resources to enrich the book. this means learning of sites which are problematic for any reason, and sites where users have found different quick keys to be beneficial. It's hard for one person to find all these! In this regard, I have questions in case anybody would like to contribute experience:

1. Looking for sites where you have found the use of navigation by region to be useful, perhaps more effective than navigation by heading.

2. Sites where you have found the use of any of these quick keys to be useful: O, W, Y, z, dash or equal sign.

3. Sites where using S or D for same or different elements gets you where you need to go efficiently.

4. Sites with forms that you couldn't complete, or only completed with great difficulty.

5.  Sites where you could not read necessary tables.


Please write off-list to topdot@...

if you have thoughts or contributions.


Thanks for considering.



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