moderated Re: keyboard shortcut to announce input keyboard indicator?

David Griffith

I think this has already been said but just in case you missed it you do not need scripts as windows spacebar will cycle you through different input languages.

David Griffith


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Subject: Re: keyboard shortcut to announce input keyboard indicator?


well I guess you're right, I couldn't get the input indicator off the taskbar.

as for choosing an input method to always use as default, it just wouldn't fill my need since I needs my keyboard to precisely use a different input language depending on what I have to write...

I believe a script allowing for switching back and forth among specific input languages would be great... too bad I cannot how to write a script...


On 12/28/2019 5:16 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:


            The keyboard/language indicator in the taskbar is one of the oddities, in that you cannot choose for it not to be in the taskbar if you have installed multiple language packs.  I just checked the Select which icons appear in the taskbar settings and its nowhere to be found.  It showed up as soon as I had added additional language packs (in this case, variants of English).

             Things have changed somewhat since I added these, but under 1909 it's under Settings, Time & Language, Language Pane, Add a preferred language button.  There's also a new-to-me link for Choose an input method to always use as default.

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