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John Covici

hmmm, I have been using it with Windows 10, however I am sure I had to
do some funkiness with the driver, but its been a long time and I
forget what happened -- maybe their tech support can help.

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I had one of those, and it was a great scanner. but it doesn't work with windows ten.

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Years ago there was a product called a Plustek Opticbook 3600 book edge scanner. It’s claim to fame was a scanner bed which extended all the way to its front edge, thus allowing you to place the book’s binding right on the edge and lay pages completely flat. You get none of the typical “shadowing” associated with lying a book face-down and trying to get the very inside edges of the pages near the binding to scan accurately. It was a great concept.

Unfortunately I don’t think that product is still around.

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Hello all,

Someone is highly recommending this scanner. I'm trying to research it, but wonder what the correct search-term for it is. I have found the words given as one word, two words, words both capitalized and not, with + in front of it, and all with different prices and features. The one I'm looking for is specially for scanning books, and has only 3 buttons: black/white, color, and "Go."

I would appreciate any information anyone can share. Many thanks.


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