moderated Re: For JAWS Users: Leasey Total Package Available At a Reduced Price

James English


Isn't this the package that now includes the q9 action game?

- James

On 12/23/19, David Goldfield <> wrote:
Hello. I sent the following message to the mailing list for the Philadelphia
Computer Users Group for the Blind and Visually Impaired, which I moderate,
and wanted to send it here, as well.

From now until December 27 Hartgen Consultancy is offering Leasey Total for
50 British pounds, which is around $67 U.S. dollars. It is very difficult to
concisely summarize what this program does as it's a Swiss army knife filled
with tons of tools and utilities. Leasey Total comes with two modules,
Leasey Basic and Leasey Advanced.

Leasey Basic is for users who might consider themselves to be extreme
novices, very new to computers or perhaps users who just want a systematic,
predictable way of accessing the main programs on their computer. Instead of
dealing with the Windows start menu or the desktop there is a dedicated menu
known as the Leasey menu, which is read by a human voice. This menu includes
items such as Surf the Internet, Write a Document or Letter, Check Your
Email, Listen to the Radio, etc. It also offers context sensitive help,
using the same human speech which is offered in the menus. Leasey Basic
might also be helpful for users with cognitive difficulties. It also comes
with a training tutorial covering the basic features and is honestly one of
the best training tutorials I have heard in quite some time.

Leasey Advanced dispenses with the simplified menus and returns your
computer to its normal state with the start menu and desktop. It offers a
ton of additional features. Features that I personally like are:

Leasey Texts. This is a bit like the text expansion feature found in Word
except that you can use it globally. You can create a list of shortcuts
which can type in a pre-written piece of text, such as a shopping list,
signature to a letter, etc. You can also assign an abbreviation to a Leasey
text, such as typing the letters sig to type a signature.

Leasey clips allow you to save up to twelve pieces of text to areas not
unlike the clipboard. Each clip can be recalled, pasted anywhere and they
are available even with a computer restart.

Leasey Clock includes an alarm, countdown timer, stopwatch and even some
very nice Westminster chimes.

Leasey Radio offers a built-in radio tuner, available anywhere.

It offers so much more but those are just a few of its features. Leasey
offers far more detailed information about this software.

I know I've mentioned this program quite a bit in the past year. For the
record I am not affiliated with Hartgen Consultancy. Brian Hartgen and I are
nothing more than professionals in this industry. We have never met, never
worked with one another and I get absolutely no commission from any sales
which my messages might generate. I just feel that he's made some positive
and unique contributions in this space which are very beneficial to users of
JAWS and I just want to let everyone know about what he offers.

David Goldfield,
Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist<>

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