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Richard Turner

And, FS is not consistent.
FS calls the key that you press to hear one word, or press twice quickly to spell that word, numpad-5.
Even though with the numlock off, it isn't a 5.

I hear beginning students being confused by this BS all the time.

So, let's just say we will agree to disagree. I'm sure no one is going to change their mind about this, so maybe this could be the end.


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David, I am not Richard but I totally agree with him that it is just stupid to press a "modifier" key which suppose to be less confusing than saying to press the insert key. but in response to your explaination, if the user is using a laptop and the modifier key is the caps lock, and he/she presses modifier+j to summon the JAWS window, would pressing the
insert+j not do the same? of course it would. just because FS names the
modifier key a modifier key does not change the function of that key. it still performs as if the insert key was pressed. I think it is more confusing especially to a new user who is starting to use a screen reader to use a "modifier" key for commands that use the insert function instead of using the insert key, as if the modifier key is performing a special function because a screen reader is being used.

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The issue is that the special screen reader modifier key, such as what is called the JAWS key, is not necessarily mapped to the insert key.
Some users, particularly those without a numeric keypad, may choose to have the Caps Lock key assigned as their special modifier key. In that instance, the documentation would be both wrong and potentially confusing if it made references to using the insert key since that key could, potentially, be disabled.

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On 12/21/2019 3:19 PM, Richard Turner wrote:

Yes, this is certainly not a Jaws issue at all.

I think Freedom Scientific sets people up for confusion when they do things like rename keys.

The insert key is the insert key; it just so happens that insert plus a variety of keys are used as Jaws commands, but it is still the insert key.

NVDA does the same, in my opinion, stupid thing by calling the same key the NVDA key.


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And a big, "Oops, my bad!," on the ALT+F4 bit, which does, as Richard said, close a program.

But the principle of these being Windows keyboard shortcuts, unrelated to JAWS or any other screen reader, still stands.  Something else is afoot here.

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