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Shirley Tracy



Your trick works. I’m pretty sure the alt was acting goofy and not JAWS. Once, quite a while ago, I had a similar problem with the control key. By pressing each of the control keys separately, control behaved as it should once again.

I had forgotten all about that.


Shirley Tracy


From: David Goldfield
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Subject: Re: How to close documents in JAWS 2020



Once in a while I'll get into a situation where a modifier key, such as alt or control, temporarily won't function as it should. Sometimes, you can remedy this by pressing each of the offending modifiers once or twice. As an example, if your alt key seems not to work press the left alt key once or twice, then press the right alt key once or twice and see if the key works normally again.

You could also try unloading and then restarting JAWS by first pressing insert-F4 to unload JAWS and then restarting it by whatever method you prefer, such as using a shortcut key (which is not assigned, by default.) Worse case scenario: restart Windows and see if that gets the offending key to behave again. With Windows 10, press Windows-X for the quick links menu, U for Shut Down and then R for restart.


David Goldfield,
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On 12/21/2019 2:24 PM, Dan Longmore wrote:

No, as others have stated , it sounds like a keyboard Function key issue.  I have Home, JAWS 2020 and Win 10 and can use ALT F4 .


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Subject: How to close documents in JAWS 2020




I finally updated to JAWS 2020. I’m running Windows 10 and now have chosen to purchase the “HOME eddition.” Why can’t I close documents and even some applications? I have to get into the menus and actually tab to the “close” button. Alt F4 doesn’t work for me any more. Is this a change I didn’t read or hear about?


Please forgive me if you have discussed this topic before, but I’m new with the upgrade and really want to know what to do. Another way to close, perhaps?





Shirley Tracy



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