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Although I no longer have the keyboard which gave me grief, I had a problem with the function keys when I first got the keyboard I previously had.  As many of you are likely aware, there can be multiple settings for the function keys.  Use of the FN or some other key will toggle among the group of options.  I had to have my keyboard  locked in to the basic use or my keyboard software would go to other settings.  It drove me nuts!  Smile.  Once my computer man locked it in the software, all worked as it should.  I am suggesting that something similar may of accidently got triggered.  If this has not been an issue in the past, rebooting may resolve it.  Otherwise a more in depth look may be needed.





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And, for the record, ALT+F4 is a Windows keyboard shortcut, completely unrelated to the screen reader in use (or not in use), so unless someone did something to do a custom remapping, which is not easy, it's not likely to be the screen reader at the root of the problem.

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