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Chris Hill

Jaws Is not likely your trouble.  It has not changed.  Laptops and some fancy keyboards can get into a mode where the function keys stop doing their regular functions and become media control keys.  Use insert+1 (I think) to get into jaws key describer and try hitting the function keys.  They should speak as function keys.  If they don’t your keyboard has gotten into the wrong mode.  Some have key combinations to switch mode, my dell gaming laptop uses fn+escape for this function.

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I finally updated to JAWS 2020. I’m running Windows 10 and now have chosen to purchase the “HOME eddition.” Why can’t I close documents and even some applications? I have to get into the menus and actually tab to the “close” button. Alt F4 doesn’t work for me any more. Is this a change I didn’t read or hear about?


Please forgive me if you have discussed this topic before, but I’m new with the upgrade and really want to know what to do. Another way to close, perhaps?





Shirley Tracy


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