moderated J2019 December Update, Build 1912.1.400 + What's New

Mike B.

Hi All,
Here's the December update for J2019 build 1912.1.400 + what's new in this release.
32 & 64 bit:
What's new:
Enhancements in JAWS 2019.1912.1 (December 2019)
The following is a list of improvements made in JAWS 2019 between the September 2019 update and the December 2019 update.
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• Added Functionality to Fusion, or when running ZoomText and JAWS together, that was previously only available in MAGic. When performing a Say All ( INSERT+DOWN
ARROW ), JAWS begins reading from the current location of the Virtual Cursor or mouse pointer, whichever was last moved. For instance, if you are moving
around a web page or PDF document using the mouse pointer, you can point the mouse at the location where you want to start reading and press INSERT+DOWN
ARROW  to start the Say All. This works in Chrome, Internet Explorer, the new Microsoft Edge browser, Acrobat Reader DC, as well as the JAWS Results Viewer
and the JAWS and ZoomText help systems. It currently does not work in Firefox as you must first click at the location where you want to begin reading before
starting the Say All.
• Removed extraneous "Insert F1 Help" announcements that were heard when navigating through various controls on the web.
• Addressed reported issues with JAWS speech unexpectedly becoming muted after logging into Windows on some systems.
• In Speech On Demand (INSERT+SPACEBAR, followed by S ), JAWS no longer speaks the next or previous word in order to be consistent with other Windows navigation
keystrokes. Speech On Demand allows you to limit the amount of speech you hear and only announces actions for a limited set of screen reading keystrokes
such as reading the current character, word, line, window title, and so on.
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