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Richard Turner <richardturner42@...>

I only have Jaws 2018, 2019, and 2020 and there is no file on my hard drive called jfwkill.exe.

I did a search of my C drive and found nothing.

So, I think things have changed enough that the JFWkill.exe is no longer used.






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Hi Jaffar,


The steps below are for an older version of Jaws, but hopefully they'll give you a shove in the right direction:




if your using jaws15,
you will find the jaws kill at:


"C:\Program Files\Freedom Scientific\Runtime JAWS\15.0\JFWKill.exe"


if you really need to you could create shortcut to desktop,


the windows-key+insert-key+f4=kil/unload jaws from memory.


Desktop Icon Steps:


if your wanting to create shortcut fror,

"C:\Program Files\Freedom Scientific\Runtime JAWS\15.0\JFWKill.exe"

1, desktop;

2, ctrl+spacebar making sure there is no icon selected,

3, press applications key, or shift f10,

up or down arrow and enter on,
new sub-menu,

4, arrow and enter on, new shortcut,

your now being asked,
Type the location of the item:
here you would type in:

"C:\Program Files\Freedom Scientific\Runtime JAWS\15.0\JFWKill.exe"

5, tab next enter,

here your being asked to give the shortcut a name,
you will see,
"C:\Program Files\Freedom Scientific\Runtime JAWS\15.0\JFWKill.exe"
you can change this to killjaws, or whatever you wish, now tab finish, press

heck you could even create an hotkey if your little heart desires.

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Subject: Kill jaws process completely


Hi. What is the key stroke to completely kill of the Jaws process? I
know there is a way but I forgot as it was told me years ago. Thanks
and cheers!

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