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Douglas C. DeCamp

Getting the entire list of add-ons to show can be somewhat tricky. The filter combo box is sometimes difficult to get to take effect. It may require you hit the space bar a couple of times on the
Show all add-ons. If properly in effect there should be more than 20 add-ons in the list.

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I followed your steps, however I have no entry for Adobe

in the list for "Add ons".

I have installed "Acrobat reader DC" which works fine with files i folders.


On 12/18/2019 2:44 PM, Douglas C. DeCamp wrote:
I assume this is happening in Internet Explorer.
Do the following .
Alt t - Tools
o - Internet Options
Control+tab to Programs
tab to Manage Add-ons
Tab to Filter combo box
Move up to all Add-ons and hit enter to select Tab to the list of
add-ons The Adobe entry should look like this.
Name Adobe PDF Reader
Publisher Adobe Inc.
Status Disabled
Architecture 32-bit and 64-bit
If it is not disabled you need to make this change.
Open parent document is caused by IE trying to open the document in
the browser. By disabling this add-on it should cause Adobe reader to
be opened externally so you can read the document.

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Subject: open parent document?

What do we do with the "open parent document" message when accessing a .pdf?


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