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Tom Behler


I'm having these exact same issues as well with my version of Outlook 2016 in Office 365.

I contacted Freedom Scientific about this, and they say these are known issues.

I'm also now having trouble even reading down my list of contacts, which I did not have previously.

I'd urge yu to call Freedom Scientific about this, so that they are aware of how many people these issues are affecting.

Tom Behler

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Subject: Creating a contact group Outlook 2016 JAWS2020

Hello all,
After trying to add some members to a contact group in outlook 2016, I notice that when I try to arrow down JAWS does not announce the list of members.
This is in Outlook 2016 retail version if this makes a difference.
Does anyone have a work around? I tried refreshing the screen and tabbing forward and back to the members area but when I do this, JAWS still has difficulty announcing the members. I also used the JAWS cursor and I am able to see all the members this way using up and down arrow keys but I can not remove a member this way.

Thank you in advance for any responses.

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