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Thanks, Brian, I knew about Windows Home and Pro with respect to feature differences, but I use Windows 10 Professional at my retail business and just wanted to make sure Lazesoft is not limiting their home version to work only with Windows Home which I assume technically they probably could do. If I ever had to use it, it would probably involve my business, but since it’s my own business and I own all the computers I wouldn’t probably lose sleep over using the home product.


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          The only real difference between the versions of Lazesoft's products is related to what they're licensed for use for.  The free version is only for home users, but the parts it includes perform the same functions as the Professional version.

          To me, it's a matter of whether you are using it for personal purposes or as part of doing work for others (and even then, if those others are private individuals, I'd download the free home version for their use).

          The only difference between Windows 10 Home and Pro is that Pro has more features activated.  The features that the two share are using exactly the same code.  In fact, Windows 10 Home installations have all the components for Pro already installed and present, but they are not activated based on the license key being for Home.  That's why you can use the Settings, Update & Security, Activation Pane, Change product key link to enter a Pro key and then Windows 10 does the "under the hood voodoo" to activate all of the currently inactive features without reinstalling anything.


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