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Hi Brian,


Do you have any thoughts on what version would be best? Will the home version of lazesoft work with Windows 10 Professional?



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Subject: Re: incorrect Windows Password created


I cannot speak to accessibility, as I've never used the product, let alone with a screen reader, but I know many techs who use Lazesoft's Recover My Password Utility, which is free, to reset passwords for local accounts.  This only works for a local account under Windows 10 (or Windows 8.1), not a Microsoft Account linked Windows 10 user account.  In the case of the latter one should be able to go through the Forgot Password process on the Microsoft site for the Microsoft Account to which the Win10 user account is linked.  Once completed, provided you have internet access when you next attempt to log in to Win10 using that linked user account, it should accept the changed password.


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