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         I'm not James, but what the JAWS uninstaller removes has varied over time.  Freedom Scientific, now Vispero, has never been all that good about thoroughly tidying up at uninstall.  On my own system, under Control Panel, Programs & Features, all of the JAWS-Related stuff shows up with "Freedom Scientific" as the first two words.  So, after doing the JAWS uninstall, I'd go back and check whether any other Freedom Scientific stuff still exists that one wishes to remove.

         The last time I did a JAWS install was in July of this year for JAWS 2019 so that I could run it in 40-minute mode to do a couple of tests.  I imagine that, eventually, the Freedom Scientific branding will disappear, but I doubt that it has yet.  Who knows, they may keep that name since it's so well known.

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