moderated Problem With Editing, Saving, And Sending A Message In Outlook Drafts Folder

Tom Behler

Hello, everyone.


I’ve noticed an interesting issue with my drafts folder in Outlook 2016.


Currently, I’m using Outlook 2016 with Office 365 on this Windows 10 computer.


Once I save a message in my drafts folder, I am unable to edit and then save  it.


When I work on the message, and then attempt to save it, I get the following message:


The item cannot be saved because it was changed by another user or in another wwindow.


I’m then asked if I want to make a copy of the message in the ddefault folder.


I’m not sure how to answer this latter question.


Also, when I try to send the draft message, I get a response that says that the operation cannot be performed because the message  has been changed.


I’m not sure what is going on here.


How can I get things back so that I can actually edit, and then send a message in the drafts folder like we used to be able to do in earlier versions of Outlook?


Thanks for any help on this issue.


Tom Behler




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