moderated Re: disabling navigation hotkeys

Cohn, Jonathan

Is this the key you were looking for?

Quick Navigation Keys Suspend Or Resume. control +jaws+N 

Temporarily suspend or resume from suspending the use of Navigation Quick Keys. If suspended, the setting automatically resumes when a new application or document loads. They will not automatically resume when you switch tabs in your browser, as some web applications simultaneously use multiple tabs.

Not a very easy keystroke, but you should be able to re-assign it in keyboard manager if it helps. I generally use the jaws-Z keystroke  when working with JIRA. The other possibility, is what Facebook and twitter do to allow application keystrokes to be run. For these applications, they put code in the web page that tells JAWS to not bind j k, l and c. 
For this to work, you would need to work with JRA accessibility. Another radical idea would be to create a custom script for JIRA. If you have ideas, I would be willing to work with you on implmenting.


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