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In iTunes you can set the view preferences to either album artist or song. The default is album but you need to change this to songs for column view to be possible.

You need to tab to the library sidebar view table and from there use the drop down menu to change it from album to songs.

Now suddenly you will be able to use the menu view option to enable column  browser.

Life will be much easier then. Once column browser is enabled   you can determine which columns you want visible. Personally I do not use the Genre column.

David Griffith


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How do I enable column browser for iTunes in JAWS 2019?




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Dear Sarah

Thanks for taking this initiative.

I have been quietly adding programs to the list based on people's

suggestions and the list is now quite expanded, especially in the utilities

category. I was going to post this expanded list to the list anyway  in a

few days but you have prompted me to post it earlier.

As a start I have included some but definitely not all download links in the

below list already.

Many of the free and trial programs are available from the excellent

Screenreader Accessible Page at

Where this is the case I have included the nimite link for convenience.

Other download links are also included if known at the time of writing.

So this is the complete expanded latest list as of today. I anticipate that

it will expand more.



Word - all versions (Paid)

Available from:

Jarte + (Free and Paid versions)

Excel all versions. (Paid)

Available from:


Wordpad (included with Windows )

Notepad (included with Windows )


Email and Messaging

Microsoft Outlook all versions. (Paid)

Available from:

Windows Mail (included with Windows )

Thunderbird (Free)

Available from

TW Blue Twitter Client. Free or donation)

Microsoft People (included with Windows )

Outlook Address Book View. (allows more reliable and easier viewing  and

saving of contacts) (Free)


Available from

Internet Telephone

Available from


Available from


Cloud Storage

DropBox (Free and Paid)

Available from

OneDrive (Free and Paid) (Free to Office Subscribers)

Available from

SendSpace Wizard (Free and Paid)

Available from:

Open Drive Desktop client.(Free and Paid)

iCloud   also (for transfer to iPhone and iPad)(Free and Paid)


Programming- Web Development

Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber softphone accessible with JAWS scripts available on Cisco


Oracle applications

Oracle Enterprise suite (can confirm the accessibility on Finance module

which works after installing Java –both 32 bit & 64 bit)

Notepad++ Programmer's Editor

Available from


Podcasts and News readers.

RSS Reader (Webbie Accessibility Suite) (Free)

Available from:

QCastv (paid)

Available from:


Podcast downloader (Webbie Accessibility Suite) (Free)

Available from:


Compression and File Utility

7-Zip (Free)

Available from

DirZip (for creating separate zips of several folders in a directory. (Free)

WinRAR (Trial/Paid)

Available from

SyncBack Free (Backup utility) Free and paid versions)

Explorer ++ (Fast alternative to File Explorer) (Free)

Master Seeker (Fast file finder) (Free)

everything search  from void tools   (Free)

Bulk Rename Utility (Multiple File rename) (Free)

Copy Path  - Copy file path to clipboard from application menu. (Free)

Copy file Names (Can copy multiple filenames from selected files to

clipboard via application key.) (Free)


OCR and Scanning

ABBYY FineReader 12(paid)

Kurzweil V14. (paid)

Open Book (paid)


Audio  and CD Tools

Audacity )Free )

Available from

Goldwave  (Free and Paid versions)

Format Factory (File Conversion)(Free)

Switch File Conversion. (paid)

FreeM4B to Mp3 converter (Need to use Jaws Cursor) (Free)

Ponte's Media Downloader (YouTube downloader) (Free)

Available from:

Virtual Recorder (Records output from sound card)(Free)


Mp3DirectCut (Free)


Mp3Tag (Free)

CDex 1.71 (CD Ripper)(Free)

CD Burner XP (CD Burner (Free)

Available from

DVD Audio Extractor (Paid)


Daisy and Audio Book Software

FSReader 3 (Included with Jaws)

HumanWare Companion  (For Victor reader Devices) (Free)

Daisy Book Generator (Converts Audio Books into Daisy Books)  (Free)

Audible Manager and downloader (Now buggy as not updated - need to install

Windows 7/8  Versions.) (Free)

Inaudible Audible book Converter (Free)

OverDrive for Windows (Free)

Plextext transfer (For use with Plextalk Daisy Readers)(Free)


eBook reading

Kindle  PC app all versions (Free)

QRead (Paid)

Available from:

Balabolka (eBook TTS Reader) (Free)

Bookworm ) (Free)

FSReader (included with Jaws)

SpeakOn Media Suite (Free)

Codex eBook Converter. (Free)

TextAloud  3 (Creates TTS Audio Books from eBooks) (Paid)


Music radio and Media Players

VLC (Free)

Available from

WinAmp (Free)

Available from

Windows Media Player included With Windows)

iTunes (Needs column browser enabled for use with Screenreader) (Free)


Available from

BBC iPlayer TV (Webbie) (Free)

BBC iPlayer Radio (Webbie) (Free)

Both Available from:

SpeakOn Media Suite  (Free)

Tapin Radio (Free and Paid versions)

Spotify (Free and paid versions)

Available from


Speech TTS

Eloquence  (paid)

Ivona Voices. (paid)


Other Utilities

Belarc Advisor ) (Diagnostics) (Free)

Unchecki (Stops Adware and Malware by unchecking boxes in installs)(Free)

Clock2  (Clock announce , reminder and alarm(Webbie Accessibility Suite)


Available from:

CloseAll  (Closes all windows and applications running)(Free)

Team Viewer (Remote Screen sharing) (Free for clients)

Available from

Sharp Keys (For remapping keyboard) (Free)

Irfanview (Image viewing and editing Software.) (Free)

Available from

FileZilla FTP Client

Available from

• Money Talks from APH is a paid accessible bank account management

programme.  There’s more info here:

list end


list of 1 items

• SyncToy 2.1 from Microsoft is a free accessible backup programme; more

info and download here:

list end


list of 1 items

• The suite of accessible programmes from

list end


list of 1 items

• TrueCrypt is a free accessible encryption prog;  although it’s no longer

being developed, I still find it very useful.  More info at

list end


The free Office sounds plugin  is a useful programme for use with earlier

Office suites for those who find the sounds it installs helpful cues as


of what Office programmes may be doing. More info and download is here:


Web Browsers (all free)

Google chrome

Available from



Available from


Internet explorer  (included with Windows)

edge  (included with Windows)

Opera (Free)

Available from


Microsoft Store Apps

(Download from within Windows Microsoft Store)

World Clock

KNFB Reader (Paid)


My Blind hammer Blog

My Guide Dog and Tech Access Blog


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Subject: Resources list


HI all,


We discussed a resources list last month, I've been working on a site for a

client recently and have added this page to their site. It can be found at: I'm still updating the list, so as many

URL's as I've been able to find as of now are loaded.

I've also removed the categories listing as I didn't find it necessary.

I will be reorganizing the list to have all apps "included with windows"

in the same section, most likely at the bottom of the list as they won't

have URL's. I look forward to updating this list as more resources are

approved by the group.


If I missed anything, or anyone wants to add to the other lists on the page,

please do let me know, I'll gladly update!
















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