moderated disabling navigation hotkeys

William Windels


I use jira in the cloud on my work and this application has some nice hotkeys.

Most of them conflicts with jaws and I can disable all singel letter navigations in jaws with insert+f2 and then “navigation hotkeys”.


However, there are also some hotkays with signs like :

, comma / slash | vertical line \ backslash.

(I wrote the signs as sign and as word)


It seems I can’t disable none of them.

e.g. I can’t find the / to go with jaws to next clickable item by pressing insert+3 (pass key trough) and then / but this is a longer way.

Can I also disable this?

Kind regards and thx in advance



William Windels


Incident Manager SWF

02/506 0 487 / 0477 88 4276 (ik werk niet op maandag-, vrijdagnamiddag en woensdag)


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