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James Homuth

That’s because after you update JAWS, the installer you have is no longer the current version. So when you run the install, it wants to bring you back to the version you had before the update. Translation: this is expected behaviour, though I’d prefer it if the installer just bailed out and told you you’re trying to install an older version than what you already have, like some programs do.


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Subject: jaws repair puzzle


Good afternoon listers; having a sort of problem with jaws repair; first, running the latest jaws and windows 1909.  The problem I encounter with jaws repair is that when I update jaws, I then have to go to freedom scientific and download the jaws installation which includes the latest updates to be able to run jaws repair successfully.  If I do not do this, I am presented with jaws install instead.  Just wondered if anyone else has to do this mentioned above for jaws repair to work successfully?



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