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David Griffith

MacVisonaries  is an option but most Mac lists will not like you talking about Windows apart from the actual installation of the VM.


I have not used a Mac for over a year now but I would offer the suggestion that you use VMware Fusion as your  VM client.

This was accessible in setting up windows the last time I tried.

I thought Fusion was the perfect way of having the best of both worlds with a Mac running  windows at the same time. I have to say that I was wrong. There are hidden drawbacks.

If you are going to be a heavy Windows User then I would suggest that you  do not accept the default split of processor cores for the Virtual machine but increase  both processor and ram available to the machine to increase performance level.

If you lack an insert key you will probably need to use Sharp Keys in the VM to remap a key as your insert key.

Remember also that you will have to use one of your Jaws activations for the VM.

Also running cloud storage like iCloud and DropBox on a VM can be complicated as you end up hosting the same mirrored files physically twice on your Mac and your VM virtual drive .

If you use hardware peripherals such as scanners and/or Bluetooth devices do not expect life to be straightforward with the VM.


For what it is worth I used a VM for some years but eventually abandoned it. I decided Windows machines  were better for running Windows and left the Mac for running  the Mac  software for which it was best.

Unlike  Macs Windows laptops etc were so cheap that by the time you had bought Fusion and a legit copy of Windows etc. there was little to be gained.


Unlike running cloud on a VM cloud software like DropBox and iCloud work brilliantly if you are working across multiple physical machines of a Mac and a Windows machine. This made it comparatively easy to share files across both devices.


Just my views.


David Griffith









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Subject: using Jaws on a mac


Hi all


I am wanting to try and set up a vm on a Apple Mac and have Windows and Jaws on it.


Does anyone have a link to a Mac user list so I can get information and help on how to do this.


Many thanks



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