moderated Re: Do you have to go online in order to increase your drop box storage size?

paul lemm


You can as someone mentioned upgrade to the drop box paid account, which if you use a lot of storage is really worthwhile as I think they give 2TB of storage space. If you just want to increase your drop box limit a little, another way to do this is using your drop box referral link. For everyone that uses your referral link to sign up you get an additional 500mb of extra storage (up to I think a maximum of 16gb of extra storage). It's also possible to purchase extra storage through services which get referrals for you, so you can get that extra 16gb of storage space for a one off payment of about $15 or so, although that’s not directly with drop box. Personally I've tried drop box, one drive and google drive, and although all work ok with jaws, I've always found drop box the easiest to use , especially since I have various folders I share with multiple other users and for project collaboration, plus I find the IOS app really nice and easy to access too. Too.


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Hi list members, I've forgotten if I have to go online in order to increase my storage size for dropbox. Thank you for any information that you might have concerning this question.

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