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You might want to check the saving options you have by hitting alt+f, then t, and arrow down to saving and tab through there.

I’m not sure what would cause your issue, I always get prompted to save my changes.






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I am using Jaws 18 with Windows 10 and Office 365.

Until relatively recently, when closing a document in MS Word with alt f4 or control f4, if I’d made changes, I would be asked if I wanted to save the changes before closing. But now it just closes and saves.

Today this was a real nuisance as I’d slightly customised my Christmas letter for an individual, but I hadn’t intended this to change the original letter which still needs to go out to some people. When I closed it though, it didn’t ask if I wanted to save the changes – it just did so!

How in future can I prevent this from happening?



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New post on Freedom Scientific Blog

Three Reasons to Use Google’s Webmail Option with JAWS
Elizabeth Whitaker


Gmail is a widely-used email service that is used at home,
work, and school. While it can be accessed through a desktop email application
such as Microsoft Outlook, its webmail option provides more versatility.


Google’s webmail option provides Gmail users a flexible
alternative for accessing email from computers and mobile devices. A web
browser and Internet connection are all you need to begin sending and receiving


When you access Gmail through this form of internet-based
email, messages are stored on a web server, rather than on your computer or
device. This frees up disk space and memory for other important files. Here are
three reasons to consider choosing Google’s webmail option when accessing Gmail
with JAWS.


Access Your Email from Anywhere


When using Google’s webmail option, you can access messages
from anywhere on any computer or mobile device. This is especially convenient
if you travel frequently or need to access email between appointments. Because
your email is all on the cloud, you can also search for and respond to messages
quickly and efficiently without accessing a dedicated computer or software.


No Additional Software Is Required


Webmail doesn’t require the installation of dedicated
software. Simply open your web browser, go to Gmail, and your messages will be


Access Your Email Using Familiar JAWS and Web Page Navigation Commands


Since Google’s webmail is displayed in your web browser, you
can use JAWS Quick Nav keys and other navigation keystrokes when working with
messages. These familiar commands make learning easier.


Want to get the most out of accessing Gmail? Check out our
instructional tutorial,
Gmail and JAWS
 today. You’ll learn how to compose a new email, read messages, search
your inbox, and much more.


Download the MP4 or stream the MP3, plus use the included
resources to supplement your learning experience.


Elizabeth Whitaker
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