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tom x <ballistic719@...>

Thanks for your reply George but cannot locate “internet” under the users heading or anywhere else for that matter.


Tables are mentioned under navigation but changing settings here does not seem to make any difference as far as I can tell.






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Sent: Saturday, 14 December 2019 1:00 AM
Subject: Re: table row number


Go to system settings with insert/jaws key and 6 on the number row

Choose defalt settings

Tab to you hear users and arrowdown to internet…, I do not remember the entire string but it is the only in the list which starts with interned, hit enter and arrow down to tables and hit enter, and arrown down once to

 Tables… and arrow right once and arrow down once to all


Close the system settings and it will ask you to save and choose yes

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Sent: December 12, 2019 21:32
Subject: table row number




Prior to installing the latest Jaws 64 bit update a few days ago, Jaws would read the row position in a web based table as  I arrowed    up the column but since the update, Jaws no longer gives this information.


Can someone inform me which settings need to be changed so once more Jaws can give this info?






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