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i just looked in dropbox on line because some google searches suggested that there is accessibility settings in the privacy settings somewhere but all i have found is the privacy terms and conditions.
i'm useing the desktop dropbox folder with windows 7
and in the public folder it has these options that can't be erased.
new folder view
new folder
new paper doc
new paper templet
new google docs file
new google slides file
new google sheets file
new shortcut
owner (my account name)
sharing settings

it still has the public folder. and until yesterday when i tried to paste a file into it jaws or n v d a didn't say if the file was pasted there or not.
i also found out today that when nothing is speaking i have to open the dropdown menu and close it again because the jaws focus is somewhere else. a screen redraw didn't do anything.

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From: David Griffith
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I have never found any accessibility setting for DropBox but frankly have never needed one.

When you make reference to "all the Google crap" it makes me think that you are dealing with DropBox on the web rather than with your DropBox on your computer. I cannot imagine why you would be getting references about google when working with your DropBox folder on your PC.

If this is what you are doing I strongly recommend that you stop this method and use DropBox on your PC.

If you have not already installed the Desktop DropBox for Windows you should do this immediately as it will make life far easier as you will be dealing with, for all intents and purposes, normal windows folders. You can download DropBox for windows from the DropBox website or alternatively

In addition once you have DropBox for Windows installed there is no longer a need for a "Public Folder".
Nowadays all of your DropBox files on your computer can be made available via DropBox sharing links unlike in previous incarnations where you had to specify a special "Public" folder for this purpose.
Simply bring up the context menu on any file in your DropBox - again remember not on the website but on your computer, and this will enable you to "Copy DropBox link to clipboard".
Alternatively you could set up a shared folder with another DropBox user by following a share DropBox folder option again on the context menu and again on your windows DropBox sub folder and not initially at least on the website, although you will be redirected to the website as part of the share folder wizard.

Therefore in terms of accessibility, after installing DropBox on your PC, your DropBox folder should appear as a normal File Explorer Window as in any other folder. There should be no difference in accessibility between your local mirror of your DropBox and any other Windows File Explorer window.
Specifically the DropBox folder is I think by default under Users and then Documents on the C drive of your computer but as I have moved my own DropBox folder to a bigger D drive I cannot check for you.

Hope that helps.

David Griffith

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Subject: dropbox 86

is there a setting to turn on for accessability?
some searches say there is an option in the privacy settings but i haven't found it in the dropbox folder or on line.
i can paste a file into the public folder but jaws doesn't say anything. it just says all the google crap i care nothing about and wish i could remove them.
i'll never use them.
the one time i found the option to copy a link to the clipboard and sent it to myself and it said the folder was empty.
i am getting no where trying to use the public folder.

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