moderated Re: How is one able to hear what one loads in ones system trey: Using Jaws and Windows 10.

Steve Matzura

To display the icons in the system tray, press JAWS Key plus F11. Of course, in order to read something, it has to be there. Some programs, while having a presence in the system tray, don't appear because their icons are hidden. Here's how to show or hide them.

1. Open Windows Settings by pressing the Windows Key plus I.

2. Type icon and pres the Down Arrow key until you hear "Themes and Related Settings."

3. Tab to the list box and use the Down Arrow until you hear "Task bar notification area," then press ENTER.

4. Press TAB until you hear "Select which icons appear on the task bar," and press ENTER.

5. You are now in a dialog-like view that shows a button for every running program that can put an icon in the system tray. Note, I don't mean the task bar, where programs whose windows are minimized will appear normally, or programs that have been specifically pinned to the task bar.

6. For each program, decide if you want its icon to be present or absent from the system tray, and change the setting by tapping the space bar as is appropriate to your needs. ON means it shows, OFF means it does not show.

7. You can go around this display by pressing the TAB key and make changes as many times as you want to. When you're done, press Alt plus F4 to close the window and prevent further changes.

8. Test your changes. Open the system tray by pressing the JAWS Key plus F11, and move through the visible icons with the Up and/or Down Arrow keys. If you don't like what you find, press the ESCAPE key, then go back to Step 1.

Hope this helps.

On 12/13/2019 4:11 PM, Angel wrote:

I have another question concerning Jaws and Windows 10.  How does one cause Jaws to read what resides in the system trey.  I have Jaws, for example, in my system trey.  But, I would never know it.  Because, I am not shown what resides in my system trey.  Save three things, volume, network status, and battery strength.  Which came with my system.  I have a few other programs I have loaded in my system trey.  Which I am unable to hear.  When I press Jaws 11.

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