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It sounds like folder options are set to open in a new Window.

Check the following:
1. Open the Start Menu
2. Search for “Folder Options”
3. Open File Explorer Folder Options

The first set of radio buttons configured how folders are opened.

Focus on this set of radio buttons and make sure “Open each folder in the same Window” is selected.


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That’s obviously a puzzler, because of course backspace should work. Of course, JAWS shouldn’t be interfering with that, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t, so perhaps try with a different screen reader once.  I assume you’ve already restarted.  You don’t appear to be able to add a Back button to the tool bar, which you shouldn’t need to do in any event.




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Hi All,


I'm working on my sister's Win10 Pro 1909.18363.535 system with Jaws 2020, and I'm having some keyboard issues, I think.  When I press Alt + left arrow or the Backspace key to close folders or to go back a level nothing happens and I have to use Alt + F4 to do these actions, which is getting irritating...  Can anyone tell me if there's a setting that I'm missing to make these keystrokes work?  All help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks much.

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