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First of all which browser were you using?

One thing which often works when you come across something like this is to turn the virtual cursor off, you may have to tab a bunch to get to the correct combo box, but they often work when not in virtual cursor mode. When I have to submit sales taxes and such for my business it is done online and the first step is to select the bank account from which I want to pay and the only way to do this currently with Jaws is to turn off the virtual cursor, tab until I get to this combo box and then I can down arrow no problem and select   an account.



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Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t, Chris.  It depends on the site.  Also, I think sometimes it depends on how JAWS works with the browser you are using.  Sometimes when things have not worked with my default browser, Google Chrome, things won’t work, but with Internet Explorer they work as great as ever.




Rick Miller


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Rick, does Jaws read the combo boxes as you just arrow over them?

You could try going to the combo box, entering forms mode, typing the first letters of the month you want, then exiting forms mode.  Then arrow to combo box to see if it will read the month that you have selected to see if it is correct.


Have no idea if it will work, but maybe worth a try.





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I’ve had it happen more than once.




Rick Miller


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I recently experienced this same problem.  I tried JAWS 2020, 2019, and 17, and then NVDA, nothing would read the contents of the boxes, even though a remote session showed them that I was inside the boxes and was cycling through the choices, but no speech. 


Those combo boxes are somehow coded so that JAWS cannot read the contents.  The company responded back to my complaint, and found they need to involve the vendor who processes the payments; the vendor’s web page is the culprit.  Sorry I cannot offer a solution, but I just wanted to wade in to confirm this exact scenario happened to me.


Tim Ford


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Hi Rick,


While in forms mode try tabbing instead of arrowing to the comboboxes.  Tabbing might open the comboboxes, then arrow to your choice, tab to the next combobox, and arrow to your choice.


If the above doesn't work close forms mode after entering your CC#, arrow or tab to a combobox and press, Alt + downarrow, to open, arrow to your choice, then press, Alt + up arrow to close the combobox.  You can usually open forms mode on an edit field by pressing enter and closing it with the PC cursor key.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go Rams!
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Dear Listers:


What do you do when you come to a form you have to fill out and, although Forms Mode is on, JAWS will not work?


I am using the latest JAWS 2020 update and am using Windows 10.  I just tried to order a copy of a baseball broadcast from the Miley Collection.  I got to the order, added it to my cart, found the cart and went to the checkout page.  While I was checking out I was entering my credit card information.  I entered the card number successfully, and then came to the combo boxes where you had to fill out the month and year of expiration.  For the month, Forms Mode came on and JAWS said to select the month using the arrow keys, but when I arrowed up and down, JAWS did not speak the month.  The same was true with the year.  I even went back to the month, tried arrowing down the number of months to the expiration month and hit the Enter key, but nothing happened.  The same was true with the year.  The expiration is five years from now.  I got down to the “Year,” form, and when Forms Mode came on I arrowed down five times and hit the Enter key, but nothing happened.  In the end, I had to place the order by telephone.  This is not the first time I have run across this type of problem with JAWS, and I’m just wondering what any of you do when you come across it.




Rick Miller


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