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Chris Hill

Space-bar or alt-down arrow to open the combo box.

On 12/12/2019 17:56, Rick Miller wrote:

Dear Listers:


What do you do when you come to a form you have to fill out and, although Forms Mode is on, JAWS will not work?


I am using the latest JAWS 2020 update and am using Windows 10.  I just tried to order a copy of a baseball broadcast from the Miley Collection.  I got to the order, added it to my cart, found the cart and went to the checkout page.  While I was checking out I was entering my credit card information.  I entered the card number successfully, and then came to the combo boxes where you had to fill out the month and year of expiration.  For the month, Forms Mode came on and JAWS said to select the month using the arrow keys, but when I arrowed up and down, JAWS did not speak the month.  The same was true with the year.  I even went back to the month, tried arrowing down the number of months to the expiration month and hit the Enter key, but nothing happened.  The same was true with the year.  The expiration is five years from now.  I got down to the “Year,” form, and when Forms Mode came on I arrowed down five times and hit the Enter key, but nothing happened.  In the end, I had to place the order by telephone.  This is not the first time I have run across this type of problem with JAWS, and I’m just wondering what any of you do when you come across it.




Rick Miller


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