moderated Re: JAWS is telling me that I'm up to date.

Mike O'Brien


When you receive notification that JAWS updates are available, those updates
only apply to the current JAWS version. If you are not running the current
version of JAWS, nothing will happen.

So for the JAWS updates that can be downloaded from the current
notification, the only ones that can use it are those currently running JAWS

So anyone who is not currently running JAWS 2020 will just receive a message
saying their system is up to date, when it's not.

if you download the updates from the JAWS update notification message, your
update will only have the stuff needed to install the update .However, if
you use the link provided by Mike B to download the update you will have a
full installation package that can be installed over the current JAWS, or
wherever you like.

Also, all current and many older versions of JAWS can be downloaded from the
Freedom Scientific web site.

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