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No, it does not use TWAIN drivers.

However, I personally find the reliability, speed and ease of use of this scanner so compelling and if I need to perform OCR it is not much of an inconvenience in my opinion to simply scan the document and, once saved as a PDF, to run Convenient OCR on the file. After all, I want to save this as a PDF image anyways.





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I had read about those a few years ago and was quite interested but didn’t have a great need for one then; nor now really, but have you checked to see if it has a twaine driver and whether it could be used with the Jaws Convenient OCR?

Then you know you have accessible software.






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If all you have to do is scan documents I would recommend a good document scanner and by that I mean something like a Fujitsu Scansnap and not a flat bed scanner. We use Scansnaps at my store where we scan all documents like invoices, statements and such. Being used to using HP Flatbed scanners I initially bought an at the time quite expensive HP Scanjet 8350 which had a legal size flatbed as well as a $500 document feeder and while it worked OK for a few years, eventually the document feeder wasn’t working any more and I replaced it with a Fujitsu Scansnap IX500. That was I think about 8 or 9 years ago and that scanner has been performing flawlessly since and for straight document scanning it’s incredible fast and efficient. You stick in say 8 or 10 ages of doble sided paper and it pulls the pages through taking maybe 3 seconds a page and both sides are scanned, 20 or 30 seconds later the scan is done, a screen pops up asking me what to do with the scan with options to print it, email it or save it to a file. The save option brings up a fairly standard save as dialogue, whatever folder you pick stays picked so if you use the same folder all you have to do is name the file and press Save and your scan is saved as a PDF file. Just one piece of advice, buy the older IX500 and not the newer one, can’t remember the model now, but I bought one of them as well so I could use the older one in my office where we don’t do as much scanning and my staff is using the newer one and its software is not very accessible and lacks the simple efficiency of that for the older scanner which Fujitsu still sells.


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Subject: Scanning question


HEllo Group,

I am doing some volunteer work with English language learners here in the Twin Cities, to keep busy and find purpose now that I am retired.

There is some opportunity to do some additional work at the International Institute relative to some of their other programs. Specifically assistance is needed to help gather data from Institute graduates and other persons interested in participating in Instituteprograms.

I would be gathering data over the telephone and entering it into a database which is doable. I would be using JAWS for this.

Secondly, I would be scanning in specific documents. It has been a long time since I have done any scanning, an activity that I did perform at a job that I had 20 or so years ago. Besides using JAWS for this task, what else do I need in terms of other special technology?

Any and all assistance is appreciated.


Best, Justin   

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