moderated Scanning question

Justin Mcdevitt

HEllo Group,

I am doing some volunteer work with English language learners here in the Twin Cities, to keep busy and find purpose now that I am retired.

There is some opportunity to do some additional work at the International Institute relative to some of their other programs. Specifically assistance is needed to help gather data from Institute graduates and other persons interested in participating in Instituteprograms.

I would be gathering data over the telephone and entering it into a database which is doable. I would be using JAWS for this.

Secondly, I would be scanning in specific documents. It has been a long time since I have done any scanning, an activity that I did perform at a job that I had 20 or so years ago. Besides using JAWS for this task, what else do I need in terms of other special technology?

Any and all assistance is appreciated.


Best, Justin   

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