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Isn’t it more a function of the screenreader which reads out the intermittent downloads status announcements?

I just tried a relatively large download, SQL Express which in it’s largest version is 1.1 Gb, but I have a fiber connection so even that only took 35 or 40 seconds and all I got at the end was that the download was complete.

I personally much prefer Chrome and the download manager it has and this might be a case where you could ask Google Accessibility for help.

Pamela, I am pretty sure I also see you on the Viphone list so if you have an iPhone and if you have the Be My Eyes app installed, you can actually call Google Accessibility and since it is Be My Eyes, this is a video call and you could even have a download ready to start and show them.


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This has also been driving me mad for months now, Brave does the same thing as it is based on Chrome.

In the end the solution I found is not to use chrome to download anything unless it is tiny..

For download only I return to the old trusty Internet explorer – just type  I after pressing windows key and it will probably come up but keep on typing if it does not.

Press control O and paste in the download link. In IE  you will probably have to press F6 to go to the notification bar to confirm whether you want to open or save the download.

After this however if you alt tab away from IE you will not be, unlike the annoying Chrome announcements, me  bothered by the download status.

Alt tabbing back into IE will resume the download status announcements or you can press control J to check on the progress of your download.

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Subject: Turning off download announcement in Chrome





Is there any way to get Chrome to stop announcing a download in progress

and its time remaining every minute or so? It's very annoying for a

longer download. I've gone in to Chrome settings,and blocked all

notifications, but this has no effect.










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