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Richard Turner

Sadly, you will have to call Microsoft Accessibility I think and having them connect to your computer so you can show them that their instructions are wrong.


I just went through the Microsoft Disability answer desk web site specifically on adding alt text with a screen reader.

Their steps say to get focus on the image, press alt+j then p and tab to the format object item…only there is no format object item.

I had my sighted wife confirm, it isn’t there.  This is with Microsoft 365 Word 2016 and Jaws 2020, Narrator, and NVDA, none of which show that option.


Here is the page where I found their steps.  There is a topic specific to adding alt-text on this page:


I’m getting ready for work, so I don’t have time to call them myself.

If I have time this afternoon, I will.





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Sent: Monday, December 9, 2019 8:48 PM
Subject: Adding alt text in MSWord2016



I am trying to add alt text to images in MSWord 2016 using JFW2018 and 2019, but I am not getting the format/alt options. Here are the steps I am following:

1. Select an image
2. Write click using tab+9 or shift+F10
3. This is where I am supposed to get format picture option in which the second tab would be for alt text, but using JFW I am not getting that option for format picture at all.

I have tried to insert alt text on two Windows-running PCs in MSWord2016, one with JFW2018 and the other JFW2019.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated


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