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Shankar C

1. press ctrl 2 to swich to the callender.
2. select the event date by using right/left arro keys.
3. press tab once to see the list of events, if there are multiple
events presented, select the event which you want to share with the
up/down arrow.
4. rite click, down arrow to forward, and follow the on screen instructions.

On 12/9/19, Jason White via Groups.Io <> wrote:
You can display it via the Calendar tree view. If it's checked, it will
display alongside any other calendar (use F6 to cycle between open

You can also use Shift+F10 from the tree view to access a context menu. If I
remember correctly, this gives you options such as opening the calendar in
another window. However, I haven't looked at this recently, and I may not be
remembering correctly.

´╗┐On 12/8/19, 15:22, "Ann Byrne" < on behalf of> wrote:

My program manager sent an invitation for me to share her
calendar. I have accepted the invitation, but I haven't a clue how
to access the calendar. can someone please tell me how?


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