moderated Re: Outlook freezes when searching any prior email with JAWS

Zel Iscel

I have this problem too and find that means it's time to update Windows. Even though I have it set to update automatically, often updates will appear before the scheduled times and we are not notified of this. Instead, Outlook and other big apps, like Excel, play up and I have to check for updates then install them straight away.

This is really annoying but I think it's a Microsoft issue, not Jaws, though I'm not sure as it doesn't happen near as much when I use NVDA.


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Yes I have this also. Solution so far has been to sign into the web version of exchange and search email that way.

On 12/3/19, ARORA Meesha <> wrote:
I work on group mailbox and personal mailbox in my workplace and
frequently need to search a particular earlier email. The trouble is
it hangs the outlook and have to restart it usually everytime I search
any email. I think it could be due to the fact it has to search large number of emails...
Does it happen to any of you as well?
I use JAWS 2020 on Outlook 2016. And I have 8 GB RAM.
I had the same issue with JAWS 2019 as well.
In fact, the same happens if I open any heavy excel file with several
tabs, it also freezes and have to restart the same.

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