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Glenn / Lenny

I have found that either button should work on either platform, it just
works better when using the correct one for the chosen platform.
So if it is not working at all, this is not the problem.

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On the top, righthand side, there are buttons to
direct the keyboard to work with either Apple or
Windows. Be sure you have the right button
pushed when you switch from one to the other.
At 04:04 PM 12/3/2019, you wrote:
Do you use Windows 10 on the PC youâ?Tre trying to connect to your 480? If
so, can you connec t them? I have this keyboard too and use it with my
iPhone but somehow canâ?Tt connect it to my Windows 10 PC.


Op 3 dec. 2019 om 20:39 heeft Maria Campbell <> het
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I've purchased the Logitech480. I sure hope the installation and use
is similar to the 780.


Maria Campbell

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