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Tom Behler

Right now, I have the dongle connection for the Windows 7 PC set on the first button—button 1.


If there is a separate button for the dongle connection, I would think it should be easy to switch to it, but am not sure.


Will wait to see what others suggest.


Thanks again, everyone.


Tom Behler



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Subject: Re: Another Logitec K780 Question


Sieghard is obviously the authority on this, but if you have to use one of the switch keys f1, f2, or f3, to connect to the Windows 7 machine, then you are stuck with 3 devices only.

If there is a separate button for the Dongle connection, then you should be able to follow the standard Bluetooth pairing steps to connect to the 4th device with the remaining f key.







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Subject: Another Logitec K780 Question


Hello, again, everyone.


So far, I have successfully paired my new Logitec K780 bluetooth keyboard to my two office computers.  I had to use the USB dongle to pair my older Windows 7 machine, but was able to do a bluetooth pairing for my newer Windows 10 computer.  I also plan to pair the keyboard with my Polaris Braille note-taker.


Once the Polaris pairing is done, this will mean that I have interfaced the keyboard with three devices so far.


I believe I read that if you use the dongle for one device, you can theoretically pair the keyboard with four devices.


Is this true?


If so, how can it be done, because I think there are only three device-selection buttons on the K780.


If I can pair to a fourth device, I’d like to try the keyboard with my IPhone 8.


In closing, I want to thank everyone for all of your patience as I sort things out here with the K780 keyboard.  I realize that the thread might have been slightly off topic, so your tolerance is very much appreciated.


Dr.  Tom Behler from Michigan


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