moderated Another Logitec K780 Question

Tom Behler

Hello, again, everyone.


So far, I have successfully paired my new Logitec K780 bluetooth keyboard to my two office computers.  I had to use the USB dongle to pair my older Windows 7 machine, but was able to do a bluetooth pairing for my newer Windows 10 computer.  I also plan to pair the keyboard with my Polaris Braille note-taker.


Once the Polaris pairing is done, this will mean that I have interfaced the keyboard with three devices so far.


I believe I read that if you use the dongle for one device, you can theoretically pair the keyboard with four devices.


Is this true?


If so, how can it be done, because I think there are only three device-selection buttons on the K780.


If I can pair to a fourth device, I’d like to try the keyboard with my IPhone 8.


In closing, I want to thank everyone for all of your patience as I sort things out here with the K780 keyboard.  I realize that the thread might have been slightly off topic, so your tolerance is very much appreciated.


Dr.  Tom Behler from Michigan


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