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Richard Turner

If it is like the other Logitech keyboards, it has a physical on/off switch on the back.

If batteries are included, make sure the plastic strip that breaks contact is removed.


I always just tap the caps lock key until I hear a response after pairing.

I’ve not paired to a Windows machine, so maybe it gives you a confirmation.






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What you have given me here has been very helpful, so thank you very much.


I actually just picked up a Logitec K780 and will try to get it set up later today.


I have two more questions if you don’t mind:


1.  Other than seeing if it works or not, how can you tell whether the keyboard is on or off?  I think there’s a light for sighted ppeople, but that obviously won’t work for me.




2.  What kind of indication to we get as to whether pairing actually has occurred?  Once again, I’m going to try to pair the keyboard with my Windows 7 PC, possibly my Windows 10 PC, and my Hims Polaris note-taker.  I also might eventually try pairing with my iPhone, but that is a secondary concern to me now.


If you have any other hints or tips to give me, please feel free.


Tom Behler




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Hi Tom,


I guess it’s all about how you get used to things, I never use the home/end and Page Up/Down keys on the 6-pack since I find it more convenient to use them on the numeric pad, e.g. I press Numpad 7 or Control Numpad 7 if I want Home or Control + Home and Numpad 1 or Control Numpad 1 if I want End or Control + End. The same goes for Numpad 3 for Page Down and Numpad 9 for Page Up.

As for the application key Shift + F10 does the same as the Application Key, in fact, Shift + F10 gives you the so-called extended context menu which often has  more options than just pressing the application key.

Before I recently purchased mechanical keyboards at my store I had Logitech keyboard/mouse combos for years and none of them had an application key or a right Windows key and even now that I have them I have to make a conscious effort to use them again although I am starting to get more accustomed to it again.





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Subject: Re: BlueTooth Keyboard Recommendations




Thanks for all of this great information.


I now have two questions:


1.  If you don’t have the six-pack containing the home and end keys, how do you get to the top and bottom of a document on a Windows 7 or 10 computer, using Jaws?  I use the control home and control end commands to accomplish this.


2.  If you don’t have an applications key, how do you get to the context menus like we do with Jaws for many applications?  Can you use shift F10 for this purpose?


Tom Behler



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Subject: Re: BlueTooth Keyboard Recommendations


Hi Tom,


If you want portable/compact the Logitech K780 is probably your best choice. It’s heavy because it’s made heavy since you can stand an iPad up in a channel which runs across from left to right above the function keys, but while it has a full numeric pad, it’s still fairly compact because it does not have the big gap you find on a full-size keyboard with the 6-pack and inverted cursor T. The K780 actually has the inverted cursor T, but it’s underneath the right shift key, think of the shift and enter key being the width of 3 other keys so the left arrow, down arrow and right arrow take up the same space as the shift key and in height the down arrow and up arrow above it are I think also the same height as the shift key.

The nice thing with this keyboard is that it is a Bluetooth keyboard, but it also comes with Logitech’s tiny unifying USB receiver so if you have a computer without Bluetooth (most likely your Windows 7 computer won’t have it), you can plug in the little dongle and use your Windows 7 PC that way and you can pair your Windows 1 PC which hopefully has Bluetooth via Bluetooth.

You can pair up to 3 devices with that keyboard so you could even pair it with your iPhone as a third device and all you have to do is press F1, F2 and F3 to switch between device 1, device 2 and device 3.

The one issue is that the function keys will not work as regular function keys unless you install the Logitech Options software where you can change this. It’s not a very accessible install, but if you have sighted help it only takes a minute or less and once installed and once you check the little checkbox to use the function keys you can just forget about it.

If you do this then on a Windows PC you have to press FN along with F1, F2 or F3 to switch devices, but if, for example FN + F3 switches to you riPhone, then in order to switch back to one of your Windows computer you only press F1 or F2 since iOS won’t require the FN key.


Having said all this, there is also a new full-size new Logitech keyboard and mouse combo I just read about. It is the Logitech MK850 and it can do 2 devices, also Bluetooth or USB dongle connectivity, also with regular batteries, I think 1 AA for the mouse and 2 AAA for the keyboard. The link I provided is for Best Buy Canada, but I’m sure you can easily find it on Best Buy or Amazon in the States, it is on Black Friday special for $79.95 Canadian so I assume in the States this may only be $59.99.


Lastly, there is the Logitech G613 which is a wireless mechanical gaming keyboard, but it of course is full-size and fairly heavy, but it has Windows keys both on the left and right of the spacebar, a working application key menu and you can also switch between Bluetooth and a USB dongle connection with a mechanical slider switch. It’s a very nice keyboard, I have the original version with the Romer G switches which I don’t like as much as the Cherry Blue switches I have on my other mechanical keyboards which are wired and from the “Das Keyboard” brand. I could have sworn the other day I stumbled across a G613 version with Blue switches but now I can’t seem to find it any more. The one I have I think is also on sale for $99 Canadian which means probably $79.99 US.


I am typing this on a Logitech K780 by the way which is my main keyboard I use at home with my laptop and for my iPhone if I need a keyboard there from time to time. I just saw both Best Buy Canada and Amazon Canada have it on sale for $73.98 which is also a good price, probably also $59.99 US or maybe even $49.99 in some places.



Best regards,



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Subject: BlueTooth Keyboard Recommendations


Hello, everyone.


I hope this quiry will not be considered to be off topic for the list, since it does have implications for much of the computer work that I do.


Basically, I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a good and reliable bluetooth keyboard.


I plan to use the keyboard for various purposes on both my main windows 10 computer, and the older Windows 7 computer I use for ham radio purposes.


I don’t know a whole lot about bluetooth keyboards, but here are a few requirements I’m thinking about:


1.  I’d like the keyboard to be easily paired with both my computers an a fairly blind-friendly and straight-forward way


2.  I’d like to be able to easily switch from one device to the next


3.  Even though this is not totally necessary, I’d prefer that the batteries for the keyboard be replaceable, rather than built-in.  Or, at the very least, I’d like to be able to charge any batteries easily and reliably.


4.  I’d like the keyboard to be fairly portable, and to include the number pad.


5.  I’d like the cost to be reasonable, but not exorbitant, since this is an optional computer accessory.


I realize that this might be a tall order, but thought I’d give it a try here.  Some have recommended Logitec keyboards as a good fit for my needs, but I don’t know much about them.


Thanks for any assistance.


Tom Behler

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