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Can you export them from IE to another browser?

Which browser would be easiest to export them to? The new Edge,

Google, Firefox?


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Subject: Re: Favorites redux


The very idea of the Favorites Folder, as once implemented, has been jettisoned by everyone, including Microsoft, with any contemporary browser.  The new Chromium-based Edge does what all other browsers do - maintain Favorites/Bookmarks internally to the browser, though one can export and import them.

CTRL+D is pretty much the universal, "Bookmark this page," command and works in Firefox as well as all Chromium-based browsers.  In any Chromium based browser CTRL+Shift+O opens the Bookmarks/Favorites Manager, which is, I find, the easiest way to locate and/or organize one's bookmarks to one's own satisfaction.  Under Firefox the CTRL+Shift+B command opens the bookmarks manager.


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