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David Moore

I am so happy to hear this from you, Mike!

I am so happy to hear that more and more people like you are using two screen readers.

I will not name it again, but I use it a lot, to do tasks that JAWS just cannot do well!

David Moore


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From: Mike B
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Subject: Re: A question about Waterfox


Hi Dave,


To be totally honest, navigating the Waterfox menues with Jaws is a total pain in the A**!  You have to constantly toggle the virtual cursor on / off because if you tell the virtual cursor to stay turned off for all applications, it doesn't.  At least this is my experience.  When I want to change any settings in the Waterfox menues I use NVDA and it navigates the menues flawlessly.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go Rams!
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Subject: A question about Waterfox


Hello everyone:

I am using Waterfox at the suggestion of someone on this list. So far, I am
finding a good browser to use.

My problem is, how do I disable Water fox saving passwords?

Any and all suggestions will be very much appreciated.

Dave Durber


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