moderated Re: Jaws not speaking edit field input

Adrian Spratt


The solution for me is the JAWS refresh, or repaint, command, insert-escape. I've just been using this on a form, where I'm reminded that it sometimes causes JAWS to lose its place. However, it's the most reliable way I've found to read content I've typed into an edit field.

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Subject: Jaws not speaking edit field input

Hi group,

Jaws 2019 with Inventoria by NCH Software. After I have inserted text into an edit field, if I tab back to that field the text is not automatically spoken by Jaws. The only way I can read the text is to use a standard reading command like Insert num pad 2 or control left or right arrow key.
I'm using beginner verbosity, but I suspect I need to change something in Jaws settings. If anyone can help out, I would appreciate it muchly.


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