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JM Casey

I had one or two of those.
The synth it used was, I think, a variant of the same Texas Instrument chip
used in the Echo and other old synths. The Speak 'n' Spell was less
"robotic" sounding than what was available from Street Electronics --
probably had the phonemes programmed directly into it. You could still make
it make all sorts of weird noises though. Haha
You could probably emulate this on a pC if you knew how. I certainly don't.
I downloaded an Apple II E emulator with Echo speech just for kicks. Played
with it for a couple of months. I guess I don't really miss those days after
all, but, still pretty cool.

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yep, a Speak and Spell, popular in the mid to end 70s and in the 80s as
It had cartridges with different vocabulary on it, but you couldn't really
use it as a computer synth. It was a stand-alone thing with some sort of
capacitive buttons for kids to learn how to spell, made by Texas
I think there even was a version with a complete Braille sheet to label all
the buttons and make it accessible.


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