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David Griffith

I am sorry you have problems with  FS Reader but have heard other similarly complaining.  It does not sound like it is fit for purpose with eBooks.


I have never used FS Reader for eBooks- it certainly cannot cope with any of the  ePub books  I have just tried it with. I don’t have access to any text based Daisy Books to test it with. Where  do you get these from??


I am however, slightly confused by you saying QRead cannot handle heading levels.

I have just checked again with some ePub books, and provided the books have a heading structure these are easily accessed in QRead as normal by pressing control H which brings up the list of heading and allows you to navigate to them.


Balabolka is a free TTS based eBook reader which has a radically different interface and learning curve. You can however also access headings in this, as from memory Balabolka  creates  automatic bookmarks of each heading which you access with the, from memory F2 key but I would have to go back and check this.


With any web links in eBooks I always copy these out anyway but I suspect you are talking about internal links?


David Griffith








From: <> On Behalf Of Richard B. McDonald
Sent: 23 November 2019 22:27
Subject: FS Reader 3 Crashing




I am using JAWS 2019, fully updated.  I have a laptop running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, and a desktop running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit - both fully updated.


When running FS Reader 3 on either computer, if I press JAWSKey+DownArrow to “say all,” JAWS crashes, then restarts and then FS Reader freezes.  On the laptop with Windows 7, most often FS Reader and JAWS both crash after starting FS Reader and then trying to open a book.  Even if by some chance FS Reader opens the book on the laptop, it then crashes as previously described.


I have tried two different readers - Bookworm and QRead.  Neither seems good.  For example, neither seems to be able to read hyperlinked footnotes nor handle heading levels nor internal links - as does FS Reader (when working).  Primarily, this is all with DAISY eBooks; although I have also tried ePub and other formats all with the same problems.


So, does anyone have any recommendations for another DAISY reader?  Or, does anyone have any solution to these problems with FS Reader?




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