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Dave Durber

Hello David:
If it is possible, if you are using a UK keyboard, how do you change the right ALT key, which is set to being a combined ALT+CTRL key, to being just the right ALT key?

Dave Durber
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Yes I think you need version 3, from memory to work on Windows 10.

It is extremely easy. Just hit the add button, then select the key you want to change from a drop down list and then tab to the next drop down list and nominate the key you want to replace it   with. In this case the application key

–  the list is alphabetical but this  key might be preceded with the word special in the list.

Then get Sharp Keys to write to registry and then restart windows.

For example On my keyboard I always change the right alt key  by the space bar into a right windows keys.  The reason I do this is that most of the useful windows key commands that I use are on the left hand side of the keyboard.  Off the top  of my head I can only think of window key M and Windows key command I use  which uses letters from the right hand side.  In contrast there are loads on the left hand side. I find it easier then to use commands like windows E, windows T,  Windows D, windows R,, windows S,    windows X, windows a and B, using my right hand to hold the new windows key and hit the letter keys with my left hand.

My fingers get mangled if I try to do all this from the left windows key.

I know I miss out on a few alt type commands but in my experience you can more often just press the left alt key and then just keep on pressing keys.

David Griffith

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From: ARORA Meesha
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Alright, thanks David. I will get back to you if I face any issues pertaining it.


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I always use sharp keys. You should be able to google for this. If not I will send you a link.

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I don’t have menu or application key on my keyboard and have to use shift +F10 all the time so I am thinking to map the right CTRL key to use it as a menu key.

Please can you advise what is the best way to achieve it?

I understand that there are some keyboard mapping apps to do this but please can you suggest accessible apps with JAWS.





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