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I forgot they have a separate page for Braille Blaster:
Use this:

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I used to use DBT at my old workplace. It is indeed – well, the gold standard, I suppose. I looked into buying it for myself but, the programme is, like many “professional” products designed for such a niche market, hopelessly expensive, at least by my reckoning. If you have the budget or the means to get around that specific hurdle, though, by all means, go for that.




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I have had great luck over the years both personally and professionally with the Duxbury Braille translation software.


I currently am using DBT version 12.3SR1.


There may be newer updates out there, but this does quite well for me at this time.


Tom Behler



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Hi. I am looking for advice as to the best Braille translation software. I want to create my own grade two brf files from text files. What is the best software I can use with Windows 10 and JAWS?


Thank you.


Bill White



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