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David Griffith


As I understand it placemarkers are browser specific so yes you have to add placemarkers  for each browser you use.

I think placemarkers on a page are disturbed if there is dynamic content on a page – have you tried checking the option “Anchor to text”.

David Griffith

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Using JAWS 2019.  Like many of you, I jump between a couple different browsers depending on what I’m doing.  Here at work, I have a couple internal company sites that are cluttered, so I’m setting place markers to get to pertinent parts of the screen.   I’d like to clarify my understanding, since I’m still new to doing this with JAWS. 


For one page, I added a place marker at a line of text above a bunch of buttons I use.  I think I set this PlaceMarkers while using IE 11.  If I open the page in Chrome and hit K, it takes me to a different spot on the page.   In the second case, I set a place marker  at the top of the main section of a page where the company posts news stories.  The K key works as expected in IE 11, but JAWS says there are no place markers when I open the page in Chrome. 



Are place markers specific to the browser or to the URL?  In other words, should I be able to set a place marker and have it work on any browser I open the page in?

Second, if the above is true, what could I do differently in my first example where the place marker takes me to the right spot in IE 11, but to a spot earlier on the page in Chrome.  For context, this page is set up with a top navigation bar, a left nav, then two columns of information in the middle.  My place marker is supposed to go to the top of the right column and, within Chrome, takes me to a point near the bottom of the left column, about 2 inches visually below and 1 inch visually left of where I intended the place marker.   There  are a number of settings in that place marker dialog, so I must have done it incorrectly.  I think in Window Eyes I would select the text on the screen, then set the place marker.  At least with one of these above, I think I put the cursor just before the line of text when I set the marker, but it labeled the place marker with the full line of text, so I figured I had done it right.



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