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Hello, the issue is not navigation, I can use he up and down arrow
keys. However, if I would like to move on to an element only
accessible in Jaws cursor mode to simulate a mouse click or read a
text by using word by word or character by character navigation, the
only response I receive is, "space".

On 11/21/19, Sieghard Weitzel <> wrote:
There are certainly situations where the Jaws cursor has to be used. For
example, if I go onto the Air Miles website here in Canada to book a flight,
I have to enter the starting point or airport code of my flight and once you
type all or part of it, the name or the city and airport pop up usually
somewhere below the edit field and the only way to get to it is with the
Jaws cursor and if you don't and you don't click it, you can't continue with
the booking.
Then you have to repeat with your destination city/airport and after that
choosing departure and return date is even worse since a calendar pops up on
the screen and again you have to use the Jaws cursor to try and find the
date and simulate a left mouse click.

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I have never used Jaws cursor on a web page, it has never worked for me and
I can read everything on a page with the PC cursor.
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Subject: A Strange Jaws Cursor Problem

Hello Listers, I face a weird issue in Jaws Cursor mode only on Google
Chrome browser that, though I could read lines through arrow keys, I
cannot locate a word or a letter. In other words, I cannot navigate
word by word or character by character in Jaws Cursor Mode. When I try
to do it, It just says, "space". That is a problem, because I cannot
move on where I like to get, thus cannot simulate mouse click .
The problem 'is encountered with the final JFW2020 on Windows 10 Pro

Anybody having this issue or any solution?

Thanks in advance.

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