moderated Re: A Strange Jaws Cursor Problem

Chris Hill

Have you tried doing it in virtual cursor mode, then routing the jaws cursor and clicking?  I think that's how I've always had to do it.

On 11/20/2019 02:48, soner wrote:
Hello Listers, I face a weird issue in Jaws Cursor mode only on Google
Chrome browser that, though I could read lines through arrow keys, I
cannot locate a word or a letter. In other words, I cannot navigate
word by word or character by character in Jaws Cursor Mode. When I try
to do it, It just says, "space". That is a problem, because I cannot
move on where I like to get, thus cannot simulate mouse click .
The problem 'is encountered with the final JFW2020 on Windows 10 Pro Edition.

Anybody having this issue or any solution?

Thanks in advance.

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